Abnormal smears

Most abnormal smears can be resolved with simple solutions – it’s rarely cancer.  Get a proper diagnosis and receive the reassurance or treatment you need. Early detection of CIN, ASCUS, HPV, LSIL or HSIL is the key to preventing bigger concerns.

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Period problems

If something feels different with your cycle – like pain, heaviness, or irregularities – let us know.  We can put your worries at ease, or help find a solution for fibroids, endometriosis, or polyps and get you and your cycle back on track.

Prolapse and bladder weakness

It’s not easy to talk about a sensitive bladder, but rest assured, it’s a common symptom for women – especially after childbirth.  Let’s begin a conversation so we can help you find a solution for an overactive bladder that works for you and your lif...