What to expect on your first appointment

The initial appointment will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. 
Please wear comfortable clothing as we usually need to examine you.

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For your first appointment with us, please bring:

  • Medical notes from your GP or other specialists
  • Recent blood results
  • Scan reports
  • Operation notes, especially from previous surgeries involving gynaecological procedures
  • List of medications
  • A support person, if you feel you need it

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Before your first appointment with us, consider what you would like to achieve from your visit. Do talk your options through with your GP and consider writing down any questions or concerns.  If you are feeling nervous or anxious, please let us know so we can accommodate.

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Once you've seen us, we will write a letter to you and your GP explaining what we think and your options for treatment. Andrea will organise another appointment if needed. We understand that sometimes taking time off work for appointments can be tricky, so sometimes we will leave it in your hands to make a further appointment if the management plan isn't working well enough for you. If you're not sure about anything, Andrea is happy to field questions and point you in the right direction.

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If we recommend surgery as a treatment option for you,

  • we will generate an estimate of costs for you to take to your insurer
  • please allow 3-5 days for this
  • Once your surgery has been approved, Andrea will work with you to schedule a convenient date for surgery