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Period problems

If something feels different with your cycle – like pain, heaviness, or irregularities – let us know.  We can put your worries at ease, or help find a solution for fibroids, endometriosis, or polyps and get you and your cycle back on track.

Abnormal smears

Most abnormal smears can be resolved with simple solutions – it’s rarely cancer.  Get a proper diagnosis and receive the reassurance or treatment you need. Early detection of CIN, ASCUS, HPV, LSIL or HSIL is the key to preventing bigger concerns.

Prolapse and bladder weakness

It’s not easy to talk about a sensitive bladder, but rest assured, it’s a common symptom for women – especially after childbirth.  Let’s begin a conversation so we can help you find a solution for an overactive bladder that works for you and your lif...

Ovarian cysts

The majority of ovarian cysts are benign, but get the assurance you need with blood tests and ultrasounds.  Early detection and management is key to resolving your concerns and getting back to enjoying your life – worry free.


Sometimes, an operation may be your best solution. Surgery can sound terrifying, but know that you’re in safe hands.  We are trained in minimally invasive procedures so you can heal quickly and get back to life as you know it.


Fibroids are common, and fortunately, almost always benign.  But if they begin to cause pressure, discomfort or heavy bleeding, take care of yourself first and come see us. 

Vaginal prolapse

The discomfort of vaginal prolapse is not something you have to put up with.  Don’t let it take a toll on your lifestyle or intimacy. If you are uncomfortable with how your body has changed, let’s chat about how to make you feel yourself again. 


Build your body’s strength and flexibility, restore its functions, and manage your pain through physiotherapy.  Gain your independence – and your confidence – back again.

What to expect & getting prepared

Before your visit there are a few things you may need to prepare to bring along to your appointment.

Before your visit